Sunday, November 8, 2009

On being a Savta

I am a Savta to two adorable granddaughters. What is a Savta ?- it is another name for "Grandma" in Hebrew. My husband and I were standing in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel, when our son called to tell us we were grandparents for the first time. There is always the problem, and a wonderful problem to have, of what to have your grandchild call you ..... So I asked a friend of ours, who was born and raised in TelAviv, Israel, what she called her grandparents. She informed us that in Hebrew grandma and grandpa are Savta and Sabba - so here I am - a Savta now of two granddaughters.

Why Savta's Creations for a name? Well I love to sew, knit, etc. and as soon as I had a granddaughter I wanted to create things for her and since I also love dolls they were just a natural to start making for her. I have been told at work that I am "Crunchy" (I guess because I get up early before work to exercise and I bring "Green" drink for my breakfast and usually don't give in to the office donuts). So the dolls and toys that I make are always handmade with natural materials - no plastics! I was introduced to Waldorf style dolls by my daughter-in-law and fell in love with them (more about Waldorf dolls in another blog). Since the first doll that I made for Naomi, my first granddaughter, I have been contacted by other people to make dolls for them. I make each doll with the individual in mind as I am forming it. Each doll has its own character. So.... I had to come up with a name to call my small craft business and since I love being a Savta so much - da da the name is "Savta's Creations".