Tuesday, November 29, 2011

GRIMm Fairy visits Mellow Mushroom

A little known fact is that Fairies and Fairy Makers get hungry. When they do, sometimes they want pizza but not just any pizza, they seem to like Mellow Mushroom Pizza

Fairies are a bit mischievous and flit around to funny places unless the Fairy Maker talks gently to them and asks them to be polite and considerate of others.  As you can see above, our little Fairy was very excited to be at Mellow Mushroom but decided to sit right on Mr. Mushroom's nose. We apologized to him and took her to our table.  We lost track of our Fairy for a moment but found her among some mushrooms near our table.  It seems Fairies really like mushrooms.  If they are outside on rainy days they can hide under a mushroom to keep dry.

All of this flitting around made our Fairy tired so she decided to take a little nap on the Fairy Maker's shoulder before her meal.
We encouraged her to eat but Fairies only eat the tiniest of morsels so in no time she was full.  So we thanked our kind waitress and headed back home.  The next time you visit Mellow Mushroom, you might check the mushrooms for Fairies or you can ask your waitress if she has seen any Fairies as of late.

I wonder where our Fairy will visit next?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The fairies have arrived

Savta was quietly knitting on her favorite couch when she noticed she had company.  A quick glance to her right and she noticed 2 fairies and a gnome.  She quietly moved  out of the way so I could  take this picture with my blackberry.  We hope to take better pictures with better cameras but, understandably, fairies are quite flighty.