Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lammily Doll Underwear

The Lammily doll is portioned to be the size of a typical 11 year old girl. The doll was designed by Nickolay Lamm. When Savta went looking for clothes there was something missing.
So she created it.

Savta is taking orders for those that may be interested.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fairies at SEA

Sorry for not updating this sooner but our Fairies have been busy with lots of adventures.  A while back we all decided to go for an Adventure on the high seas and some low seas as well.  Our Fairies insisted that they be allowed to join in the fun and travel with us.  We all boarded Carnival's Fanatasy Fun Ship in the port of Charleston, South Carolina.
It took the Fairies a bit to get their sea legs but they quickly managed to get the hang of cruising aboard this fun ship.  Fairies are all about fun and they began enjoying themselves immediately.

One of the most pleasant times of day on the high seas is sunset.  This was a picture perfect sunset and the ship kept traveling through the night while the Fairies were in, well, Fairy land sleep.

On their first night at sea in their little bed they were joined by towel elephants.  Together they ate chocolate and read all about the fun times that were ahead.

Since the Fairies were on a knitting cruise they decided to get into the bag of yarn and needles to see what exciting things we were going to be making and maybe try their hand at a little knitting.

Soon our Fairies were joined by some more ambitious knitters.  It is a closely knit group.  Fairies have a  tough time with needles but many aboard the cruise line seemed to be getting the hang of things just fine thank you. As you can see, knitting can be very thirsty work.


After 40 hours of sailing our ship finally arrived in the Bahamas early in the morning.  The  Fairies were so excited to see what new adventures awaited us on land.


After a day of fun and sun we all went back on aboard the Carnival Fantasy for more knitting and to continue our cruise back to Charleston. 

As our ship left the dock, from the side of the ship, the Fairies spotted a house that they might like to stay in during their next visit to the Bahamas.  Maybe Fairies live there as well? 

All this knitting and sun made our Fairies very tired.  So they decided to take a quick nap while all the knitters were at dinner.

They dreamed there were towel frogs in bed with them and then woke up to a new frog towel animal courtesy of the room steward. 
TheFairies loved every night when we were surprised by a new towel animal and quickly made it a friend.  Fairies are very friendly and love making new friends!

Towel lobsters too.
Well that is about all we can tell you about the latest Fairy adventure.  We can tell you that all of our knitters, knitters friends and Fairies made it back safely to shore.  In fact two of the Fairies went home to live with one of the knitters so that they could play with her two little girls.  The Fairies have more adventures planned and we'll tell you about them soon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fairy Fibre Store Visit - The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For

On our last Fairy outing, our little mischievous Fairies sat on the nose of Mr. Mellow Mushroom himself.  They also explored under some large mushrooms in the restaurant.  Our Fairies didn't want any pizza that day which was fine with us. Savta, the Fairy Maker, gave them a good talking to and told them during our next visit they would have to be better behaved.

We needed some more yarn to make more Fairies so we visited The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For located in South Park.  (4724 Sharon Rd., Suite K  Charlotte, NC 28210)
(704) 643-7720
In no time our Fairies made themselves at home in this elegant store.  They offered the Fairy Maker lots of ideas on different colors and kinds of yarn that Fairies like.

The store's owner, Debbie Davis, was kind enough to allow them to stay for awhile.  She asked our  Fairies to make little girls and boys smile when they visit her store.
So if you go and visit Debbie's nice store, you can see two of our Fairies sitting there happy as can be.

In speaking with the Fairy Maker, Savta, she had some other Fairy Travel ideas.  She mentioned something about teaching our Fairies to swim.  I wonder if Fairies know how to swim? We will have to see and let you know. 

In the meantime, please visit our little winged friends @ Debbie's shop.  They get lonely and really like to see girls and boys of all ages.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

GRIMm Fairy visits Mellow Mushroom

A little known fact is that Fairies and Fairy Makers get hungry. When they do, sometimes they want pizza but not just any pizza, they seem to like Mellow Mushroom Pizza

Fairies are a bit mischievous and flit around to funny places unless the Fairy Maker talks gently to them and asks them to be polite and considerate of others.  As you can see above, our little Fairy was very excited to be at Mellow Mushroom but decided to sit right on Mr. Mushroom's nose. We apologized to him and took her to our table.  We lost track of our Fairy for a moment but found her among some mushrooms near our table.  It seems Fairies really like mushrooms.  If they are outside on rainy days they can hide under a mushroom to keep dry.

All of this flitting around made our Fairy tired so she decided to take a little nap on the Fairy Maker's shoulder before her meal.
We encouraged her to eat but Fairies only eat the tiniest of morsels so in no time she was full.  So we thanked our kind waitress and headed back home.  The next time you visit Mellow Mushroom, you might check the mushrooms for Fairies or you can ask your waitress if she has seen any Fairies as of late.

I wonder where our Fairy will visit next?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The fairies have arrived

Savta was quietly knitting on her favorite couch when she noticed she had company.  A quick glance to her right and she noticed 2 fairies and a gnome.  She quietly moved  out of the way so I could  take this picture with my blackberry.  We hope to take better pictures with better cameras but, understandably, fairies are quite flighty.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leviah's 16" jointed doll

I recently completed this doll for my youngest granddaughter Leviah. 

What made this doll different is that I inserted buttons into the joints to actually make the arms and legs movable. 

As you can see the new doll was a big hit with Leviah. Over Leviah's shoulder is a Chubbles doll whose eyes light up and issues a chubble sound when the lights are turned out.  This Chubble actually belonged to my son when he was younger (Leviah and Naomi's daddy). 

Looks like love to me....  Also in the background of my doll manufacturing facility (aka - bedroom  office) is Lebo, the first doll that I made for my oldest grandaughter, Naomi and one of her favorites.
If you have a little girl that wants her own doll, you can email me @ SavatasCreations@gmail.com

I create dolls one at a time and need to know something about the little girl receiving the doll.  When I am making the doll I think about the little girl receiving the doll and that helps me to customize the doll just for her.

Each doll is handmade with only natural and organic materials. 

LOL, Savta

Sunday, November 8, 2009

On being a Savta

I am a Savta to two adorable granddaughters. What is a Savta ?- it is another name for "Grandma" in Hebrew. My husband and I were standing in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel, when our son called to tell us we were grandparents for the first time. There is always the problem, and a wonderful problem to have, of what to have your grandchild call you ..... So I asked a friend of ours, who was born and raised in TelAviv, Israel, what she called her grandparents. She informed us that in Hebrew grandma and grandpa are Savta and Sabba - so here I am - a Savta now of two granddaughters.

Why Savta's Creations for a name? Well I love to sew, knit, etc. and as soon as I had a granddaughter I wanted to create things for her and since I also love dolls they were just a natural to start making for her. I have been told at work that I am "Crunchy" (I guess because I get up early before work to exercise and I bring "Green" drink for my breakfast and usually don't give in to the office donuts). So the dolls and toys that I make are always handmade with natural materials - no plastics! I was introduced to Waldorf style dolls by my daughter-in-law and fell in love with them (more about Waldorf dolls in another blog). Since the first doll that I made for Naomi, my first granddaughter, I have been contacted by other people to make dolls for them. I make each doll with the individual in mind as I am forming it. Each doll has its own character. So.... I had to come up with a name to call my small craft business and since I love being a Savta so much - da da the name is "Savta's Creations".