Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fairy Fibre Store Visit - The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For

On our last Fairy outing, our little mischievous Fairies sat on the nose of Mr. Mellow Mushroom himself.  They also explored under some large mushrooms in the restaurant.  Our Fairies didn't want any pizza that day which was fine with us. Savta, the Fairy Maker, gave them a good talking to and told them during our next visit they would have to be better behaved.

We needed some more yarn to make more Fairies so we visited The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For located in South Park.  (4724 Sharon Rd., Suite K  Charlotte, NC 28210)
(704) 643-7720
In no time our Fairies made themselves at home in this elegant store.  They offered the Fairy Maker lots of ideas on different colors and kinds of yarn that Fairies like.

The store's owner, Debbie Davis, was kind enough to allow them to stay for awhile.  She asked our  Fairies to make little girls and boys smile when they visit her store.
So if you go and visit Debbie's nice store, you can see two of our Fairies sitting there happy as can be.

In speaking with the Fairy Maker, Savta, she had some other Fairy Travel ideas.  She mentioned something about teaching our Fairies to swim.  I wonder if Fairies know how to swim? We will have to see and let you know. 

In the meantime, please visit our little winged friends @ Debbie's shop.  They get lonely and really like to see girls and boys of all ages.

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