Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leviah's 16" jointed doll

I recently completed this doll for my youngest granddaughter Leviah. 

What made this doll different is that I inserted buttons into the joints to actually make the arms and legs movable. 

As you can see the new doll was a big hit with Leviah. Over Leviah's shoulder is a Chubbles doll whose eyes light up and issues a chubble sound when the lights are turned out.  This Chubble actually belonged to my son when he was younger (Leviah and Naomi's daddy). 

Looks like love to me....  Also in the background of my doll manufacturing facility (aka - bedroom  office) is Lebo, the first doll that I made for my oldest grandaughter, Naomi and one of her favorites.
If you have a little girl that wants her own doll, you can email me @

I create dolls one at a time and need to know something about the little girl receiving the doll.  When I am making the doll I think about the little girl receiving the doll and that helps me to customize the doll just for her.

Each doll is handmade with only natural and organic materials. 

LOL, Savta